101 Glass Nail Arts That Will Make You Say WOW

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You have seen a number of different type of nail arts. So we hope you share our interest over the hottest festive manicure which came out from the land of beauty trends, Korea. Glass nail arts are the recent, prettiest, most need right now craze among women and they are really appreciating it. This method was actually designed by Eunkyung Park, who is the also the owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, and he’s done the nails of almost every celebrity in Korea. The technique appears like an extra architectural approach to the holographic manicure.

In case you’ve never satisfied and manicure you didn’t like, Then now is the time to end up being obsessed with glass nail arts. Obviously, it’s not Actual glass – it’s basically simply slivers of cellophane set up on the nail to reflect light and make your hands look impressive and amazing. You must be excited to see, right? the wait is over now.

Here are the slide-shadow of 101 Glass Nails art that you’re going to love.

101 Glass Nail Arts That Will Make You Say WOW

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