33 Gorgeous Black Nail Arts & Designs

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Nail art is the trendiest fashion statement you can make nowadays! While your makeup and hair are things that people notice instantly, the detailing of your nails adds a nice touch to your overall outlook and general aura. While thousands of designs are probable, black nails not only look glamorous but bring forth the sass you want in your attitude!

The simpler the better; plain black nails are an item themselves and you can choose between matte, glossy, emboss and so much more. To pump it up slightly, you can add a gold glitter line across each nail. This will look perfect for a romantic dine out with someone special. If you want to keep it sexy yet feminine, make some flowers on the nails to subdue the black. If you don’t want the black to show up too much, only do the tips in shiny black; looks absolutely ravishing for a subtle look. On the other hand, if you really want to stand out in the crowd, add golden studs to your black nail color. Silver gems and nail art stones also look stunning, and shall bring your nails to the limelight. You can also mix-up colors to make it look more cheery; black and white is an eternal match! Simultaneously, red and black is a match made in heaven but looks devilish!

While pulling off black nail art can be challenging; the perfect manicure with the right type of art will keep you running back to the salon for more and more!

33 Gorgeous Black Nail Arts & Designs

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