33 Small & Meaningful Finger Tattoos Ideas

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The first body part anyone comes across while greeting the person is your hand. The hand is not just something to hold, grab, etc. but it is to some extent a reflection of who you are and what you are. The four fingers and the thumb are an integral part of a hand. Beautifying the fingers has always been a part of personal grooming and development. People wear beautiful nail colors, rings, and several other related accessories to make the fingers look nice. One of the emerging fashion trends regarding attractive finger is the finger tattoos. These versatile finger tattoos can be symbols, cartoons or abstract designs. They are becoming popular among all genders and age groups. Their intricate patterns attract all those who see them.

Fingers have a limited space unlike the human body to get the tattoos. Whatever has to be done is within limited space. Before getting a finger tattoo, it is important to find one that matches the shape and size of fingers, gender, age and above all the lifestyle. As the finger tattoos are more exposed to water and sunlight, therefore they lose their color very quickly. Usually, the finger tattoos are in following options.

  1. Line and pattern based finger tattoos
  2. Symbolical finger tattoos
  3. Finger tattoos of wildlife
  4. Nature-based finger tattoos
  5. Alphabetical finger tattoos

The women prefer tattoos exhibiting their feminist traits while the men long for those portraying power and strength. Finger tattoos are no doubt a great fashion edition.

33 Small & Meaningful Finger Tattoos Ideas

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