40+ Super Affordable Golden Goose Dupes For 2021

Sneakers are the best thing created for a woman’s feet in the history of mankind. And Golden goose sneakers scream this on the top of their voice. But a $500 price tag for a pair of sneaker is way too much to even think of (even though their comfort and design cannot be compared but still).

So if you love that naturally distressed worn-out sneaker look and want to see that in your wardrobe without having to spend enormous amounts of money, I have made your life just a tad bit easier by rounding up some kickass stunning Golden goose dupes at far lesser prices than the originals.

But here’s my opinion to guide you to choose the best from all the options below accordingly.

  • Best Golden goose sneakers dupe under $30: You can pick any pair from Red Dress but since I have and love these, I’ll suggest them.
  • Best Golden goose dupes quality and comfort wise: I’m eyeing on the ones from Goodnight Macaroon but Steve Madden ones are superb too. It’s just SM is a little more expensive but still a lot lesser than the real deals.

Golden Goose Dupes On Amazon


Amazon is a simple answer to almost all our problems. They have everything! Even the infamous Golden Goose dupes or lookalikes and that too at such affordable prices.

These extremely cute yet designer pair of shoes are comfortable enough for you to run errands in and the style is trendy enough to not spend $500 on actual GG sneakers. Also, all these sneakers generally run true to size, but if you are in between, definitely size up. There are various colours and styles available if you just go and see!

With 2-day shipping, you can get these alternatives in a weekend’s time so don’t worry about that.

Golden Goose Dupes On Red Dress

If you are looking for the best golden goose dupes that are cute, comfortable, and gets you a thousand compliments, then you need to pick a pair from Red dress. You’ll love their quality and design which are a bit better than the ones from Amazon. Plus, they are almost of the same price and you get to support a small business!

I have the black and gold ones but I’m planning to buy at least 1 more pairs, they are that gooood, comfy, and affordable.

Golden Goose Dupes On Goodnight Macaroon

I’m in awe of how cute and stunning quality products Goodnight macaroon has! Especially some really good designer dupes. I bought and used some great Louis Vuitton dupes from here and now I’m a fan!

I love the sneakers with fleece lining because they are very unique I couldn’t find something like this anywhere else. The other distressed sneakers are also cute and extra trendy. If you know Golden Goose shoes, you now they are famous for their naturally distressed style, so these are the closest Golden goose dupes.

FYI, these two designs (this and this) are exceedingly popular as Golden goose dupes, so you don’t wanna miss these. I have my eyes on them after I discard my Red dress ones. **

Steve Madden Golden Goose Dupes

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