44 Super Cute Nail Arts & Designs 2018

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The world of fashion can never be stagnant; and every day brings to us a new trend, a sleek style and a hot internet sensation. Nail art was limited to parlors and salons at first but now YouTube tutorials and nail art has made it possible to prep up your nails right at home.

For beginners, you can apply a nail paint of choice and adorn it with stickers that are easily available. Whether it is hearts or famous cartoon characters, you can have a cute look instantly. Taking a step ahead, you can purchase a nail art stamping kit that has more than one gorgeous design you can put up with. What’s more is that apart from the color of the varnish, you can choose the texture i.e. matte, sleek and shiny, cracked, peel off, breathable and so on. That’s not all, experiment fully with nail styles like French, half-moon, gradient, ombre! Just imagine the combinations that you can have, the things that you can do to have gorgeous nails that’ll make everyone stare in awe.

The evergreen styles that you must try are cheetah print nails that add a sexy look to your attire, beads and gems that instantly bring in elegance, matte black with metallic French tips are to die for; the sleekness can kill! Polka dots will always look cute and ombre will forever be a favorite of all women. If all fails, get the pretty stickers! So what are you going to try out first?

44 Super Cute Nail Arts & Designs 2018

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